Scooter Rental in Albufeira, Vilamoura, Portimão and Lagos

Scooter Rental and activity experiences in the Algarve

Rent a Scooter during your holiday in Albufeira, Vilamoura, Portimão or Lagos.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Do I need a driving licence?

    Yes. For the 50cc and quads, you need at least an AM class licence or superior. For the 125cc, you need to meet the following criteria: have an A1 class licence; Have a B class licence for more that 5 years; Have a B class licence and be more than 25. For over 125cc, you need an A class Licence and be more than 21.

  2. My licence is from another country. Can I still rent?

    All EU licences are accepted and Portuguese speaking countries also. (Angola, Moçambique, Brasil, Guiné-Bissau and Cabo Verde). You can check this LIST (Link) and check if your country is there. Another solution is getting the Internation Driving Licence.

  3. What are the speed limits in Portugal?

    For the 50cc is 40Km/h in the cities and 60Km/h in main roads. For the 125cc or superior is 50Km/h in the cities, 90Km/h in main roads and 100Km/h in automobile/motorcycle only reserved roads. The Quads are limited to 40Km/h inside the cities and 45Km/h in main roads.

  4. Do I need to use a helmet?

    Yes. You have to use a helmet allways. For the 50cc we have some lightweight small helmets. If you drive without a helmet, the police will fine you.

  5. Can I use Highways?

    No. We have the A2 and the A22 nearby and you are not allowed to use them. If you enter one by mistake, we will apply a fee. Don't worry, our main roads are fine.

  6. I have never driven a scooter before. Can I still rent one?

    No experience is necessary. We give free lessons and we even have a scooter (The Buster Scooter) just for that. We will not let you leave until you feel that you can control a scooter.

  7. Can I drive to Spain?

    No. however, you can drive all over Portugal.

  8. Do you also do Tours?

    Yes. You can do a self-guided tour with a GPS or if you're in a group you can take a guide with you. Please check our prices on the Tours.

  9. Can I take a passenger with me?

    Yes. We do have some smaller scooter for the ones who want to ride Solo but all of our scooters can carry 2. Please take into consideration that if you're not experienced, it's a bit harder to drive with 2 up.

  10. What does the rental include?

    The rental includes: Helmet, a lock and a 3rd party insurance. Also, you will get a well maintained scooter.

  11. Where can I park the scooter overnight?

    Portugal is a very safe place. Parking is easy and we do provide a lock. You can park it virtually anywhere. Just have it locked and it's done.

  12. Do your require a deposit?

    Yes. We accept the deposit in cash, Debit Card or Credit Card. The values are as following:

    Scooter type Deposit
    50cc Scooters 150€
    125cc Scooters 200€
    125cc Scooter Confort 250€
    300cc Confort 600€
    300cc Quadbike 600€
    600cc 750€

    - Some extras might require an extra deposit (GPS, Wifi, etc).

  13. What it I return the scooter early?

    We can offer credit for early returns (days), but we can't issue refunds. If you are not sure of how long you want to rent the scooter for, just rent it for less days and extend if necessary.

  14. What if I deliver the scooter later than the contract?

    It is illegal to drive with an expired rental contract. We will charge a fee of 25€ + 8€ / hour on delivery time. If you want to extend your contract, you'll have to come by one of our stores.

  15. How does pickup and dropoff works?

    We offer free pickup in a 10Km radius from any of our stores. Dropoff is allways charged and it depends on distance, but never less than 5€. This dropoff is just for customers, not scooters.

  16. Can you deliver the scooter to my location?

    Yes. For that we need to receive your information (Identification, address, driving license) and create the contract in advance. Then, we need to book the delivery, at least 24H in advance. The price for this service is (REVIEW) for Delivery/Pickup per trip. Direct Bookings.

  17. Is there a weight limit on the scooters?

    No. We just want you to feel comfortable and we would give advise on the model you choose to rent, depending on your concerns.

  18. I'm Pregnant. Can I still rent a scooter?

    Being pregnant is not allways a limiting factor. Please consult your physician and ask him about the possibility and we're sure he will give you the best advice.

  19. Do I have to fill the tank with Petrol?

    You have to return the scooter with the same amount it had when it was delivered to you. If you don't know how to do it yourself, you can ask for help at the petrol station.

  20. Can I cancel my reservation?

    Our cancellation policy is the following:
    If you cancel your reservation more than 48 hours days prior to the date, a refund of the amount paid will be refund. We will retain 20€ of the total value to pay for taxes and administrative costs.
    If you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours days prior to the date, you receive a voucher with the amount paid, valid for 1 year.
    If the renter cancels without previous notification, no money will be refunded.

  21. What happens if I have a problem with the scooter?

    Our scooters have our phone numbers on them. You can call us and we'll give you all the support you need.

  22. Do you have a limit on Kilometers?

    No. You can do as many kilometers as you want in the 50cc and 125cc scooters. However, if you're going for a long trip, please inform us, so we can choose a recently serviced scooter. For the 300cc and 400cc, we have a limit of ??? /day. You can allways get the “Unlimited Km” extra to remove distance limitations.

  23. Is it possible to purchase a full comprehensive /extra insurance?

    Yes. You can purchase the extra insurance which reduces the excess of the scooter in case of damages.

    Tipo de scooter Extra Insurance excess Assault/Robbery
    50cc / 125cc 350€ Not Applicable
    125cc Comfort 450€ Not Applicable
    300cc / Quadbike ATV 500€ Not Applicable
    600cc 750€ Not Applicable